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3 Ways to Avoid Getting Scammed

3 Ways to Avoid Getting Scammed

I got a voice mail yesterday asking to interview me for a Forbes story. And, then I hear this kicker, “of course, we charge $400 for the interview.”

In a word, NO!

It seems as if more scams are creeping through the cracks and it’s hard to tell whether it’s a fact or a hack. But since real opportunities emerge from social media, it’s worthy to apply due diligence to ensure the legitimacy of “opportunities” flying across your desk.

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Here’s my shortcuts:

  1. Investigate The Reporter – Real reporters don’t charge for the privilege of interviewing you. Further, they have robust social media accounts as they cultivate a presence in their industry. Reporter by-lines should be easy to find and follow.
  2. Truly “Google” The Opportunity – I’ve been invited multiple times to Kuala Lumpur from a company entitled Unistrategic. The website looks legit, but look what happens when I search for scams and reviews:
    • “I signed a contract to speak for them and have not been paid for my services.”
    • “I delivered training for Uni Strategic in Singapore in January and have not been paid.”
Go beyond merely reviewing a website to determine if the company is real or fake #NoMoreScams Click To Tweet
  1. Ask Industry Insiders – Every industry has strong, reputable leaders who have been in business a long time. If an opportunity comes along that makes you nervous, ask for help! A quick phone call or email should convince you.
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What’s your experience?

To your sizzling success!


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