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4 Marketing Lessons from Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel

As a former Windy City resident, I remain enthralled with Crate and Barrel. Every visit makes my heart beat just a little bit faster with the thrill of what unexpected delight I might uncover at the next aisle. I just received my new catalog and here are a few items you can use for your own R&D (rip off and duplicate):

  1. Enlist Strategic Partners – Of course you expect great merchandise, but bet you didn’t expect a special offer from Aligning with this on-line merchant makes sense in the wineglass spread of the catalog, but also defrays costs and adds a benefit to readers.
    What partner can you team up with for a joint effort?
  2. Tie Your Marketing Into the Season – If it’s January, you know it’s both weight loss and Hollywood award season. The concept makes sense. However, I have an issue with the headline (really!) of “Winner&Is.” Why isn’t it: “…and the winner is?” Further, the headline uses an ampersand whereby the landing page uses an “and.” My advice? Promote a seasonal event, but use a logical and
    consistent headline and landing page address.
  3. Bonus your Readers – What a treat to linger over the catalog and discover a special bonus to download free invitations and a free playlist on iTunes. What can you offer? Stay tuned for my new flash
    cards coming next week.
  4. Use Emotion – These pages are mini snapshots of a life: dinner with a lover, a night with grandpa, a girls’ get-together. We buy with our heartstrings and they then tug at our purse strings. Facts don’t sell, emotions do.

Have other ideas? Please share with me in the comments below.

  1. Liz, thank you for reminding me of yet one more business name that has an ampersand in it. My monthly series features “the ampersand as fun & fabulous art” and I’m planning a series on companies and products with ampersand names (m&m, Arm & Hammer, and now Crate & Barrel). My latest series, which began today, is advertising slogans (New & Improved) which you can see at (Subscribe to receive monthly editions free.) Thanks again for the C&B reminder.

  2. Oh, just clicked over there and saw the New and Improved too. As a former Quaker employee, we were always playing with “violators” on our packaging including that one.

    Your art also reminded us of how we name differently today; it’s troublesome to create a new brand name with an ampersand; doesn’t work on Twitter and in domains.

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