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6 Marketing Lessons YOU Can Learn From Alaska Air

It’s rarefied air for me to be complimenting an airline, but let me count the ways I love Alaska Air’s new traveling pets promotion:

1. It’s Clever – The program is called Fur-st Class Care and promises to take great care of your 4-legged friends.
2. It’s Co-Branded – They’ve partnered with Banfield Pet Hospital bringing the respect of that brand to theirs
3. A Special Discount Is Included – Free office visit at the pet hospital thereby completing the strategic alliance loop.
4. Email Subject Line is On Target – Instead of the typical boring subject line (ex: Alaska announces new promo), it has a specific message and the all-important word “you” in the subject line.
5. It’s Short – Since it seems we all suffer from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), shorter works better!
6. Email Sticks Within the Animal Theme – Instead of just saying “click” for more info, the tab states “fetch”.

I’m lapping up the lessons here and hope you are too. Next time you have to write a catchy email, dig up the lessons here.

I welcome your comments and feedback!

  1. Love this! great example, Liz.

  2. Thanks, Anne! Nice to see you on Twitter too.

  3. Love to see an example of a good email promo. But I’m not sure I’m accessing the email here or on your email? I was hoping to see the who thing, or at least the email subject line? Thanks, Liz!

    • Tim:

      Do you want me to forward the entire email directly from Alaska Air? Happy to do so! Liz

  4. This post has no ruff edges.

  5. Great case study of someone doing it right, Liz, thank you. Now all we need is a doggie bag!

  6. Thr’re pretty good to people too. Just took a flight on Alaska (I’m usually on American but going codeshare to a destination American doesn’t serve. They do walk their talk – excellent leg room in coach, higher quality seats and we were treated in a manner American treats business class. Bravo to Alaska!!!

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