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6 Surprising Ways a Red Hot Brand Boosts Your Biz

Do you have a brand?

Who needs a brand? You do!

I know, I know: you have a logo, website, and perhaps even a spanking new business card, but there is a huge difference between a name and a brand. Red hot brands bring you closer and quicker to your clients…and sales.

6 Wonderful Wows of Branding

Let me explain. If your name isn’t reaping you the following benefits, you don’t have a brand, but merely a business. Your brand should be earning you:

  1. Flawless Recall – Prospects must hear your name correctly the first time and every time; they need to jump from hearing about you to finding you in a nano second on Google. Hint: if your biz name sounds generic or similar to all of your competitors, you have a naming problem that is costing you business.
  2. Referral Business – Raving clients can’t wait to sing your praises and bring other clients into the chorus for you. Question: are you getting at least 4 referrals per month from your happy customers?
  3. Raving Fans – Wow your customers with an amazing brand experience and they’ll love you for life. Remember: branding out takes courage; you must put yourself out there differently than your competitors. If you don’t have naysayers, you don’t have a brand!
  4. Fierce Customer Loyalty – Similar to the old Tarenton cigarette commercials, your customers should want to fight rather than switch.
  5. Word Of Mouth Buzz – One of the surprising benefits of branding is that your clients talk about you behind your back – in a good way! Thanks to social media, your name is not only on everyone’s lips, but in their Facebook posts, Instagram accounts, and Twitter streams.
  6. Pricing Flexibility– If you are losing customers to cheaper on-line competitors, you haven’t earned iconic brand status. And, just as the “must have” iPhone 6 and Givenchy Rottweiler tote aren’t going on sale, either are you!

If you concluded that you merely have a name and not a brand, NOW is the time to create a sizzling brand with this checklist. Ask yourself, does it have a:

  1. Strong Emotional Connection?
  2. Authentic Personality?
  3. Distinctive DNA?
  4. Proprietary Vocabulary?
  5. Consistent Method Of Communication?

Challenge yourself to make this quarter the start of a strong brand building initiative that will keep earning you business.

Let me know your thoughts below. To your sizzling success!


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  1. Hey Liz, what are your thoughts for a solopreneur on having your brand name be your own name (or contain it) rather than a company name? You seem to have found a great compromise by having your business be Red Fire Branding but also having your own name prominent in all you do… and you connect to the company name with your colors and also by talking so much about branding.

    Have I answered my own question?

    P.S. Obviously having a business name separate from ones own is helpful if you ever want to sell the business

  2. Liz, another wonderful collection of advice. BTW, the second edition of Branding For Dummies will be out in December. In it, I quote you in Chapter 4, “Powering Up Your Personal and One-Person Business Brands.”

    “Choose an idol. Follow what internationally acclaimed personal branding coach Liz Goodgold, author of Red Fire Branding and DUH! Marketing, calls the “cheater route” by picking a celebrity you’d like to emulate. “I wanted to be the Suze Orman of branding,” she says. Jimmy Fallon wanted to be the next Dana Carvey. Who do you want to be — or be like — and why?”

    The chapter also deals with why a one-person business needs a business brand and tips for balancing and cross-promoting business and personal brands, which should be useful to Lisa Rothstein. I’ll be sure you get a copy.

    Thanks for all the good advice!

  3. This was wonderful. I want to bring Hearing Awareness to the general public, but also to businesses for training, consulting. 22cents on the dollar is spend on workers compensation and the leading worker’s comp claim is hearing related. I can help them save money and make money for me. Still struggling with HEARCommunication or EAR AWARENESS TJ

  4. Lots of good questions here so let me address them.

    1. To name the biz after you or not – easy answer – NO! It’s better to have a different brand name so that you can sell the company and let the biz survive long after you’re gone.

    2. Is the brand you or the company? – As an entrepreneur, you are the brand. The brand DNA start with you initially. Later, your DNA leaves an imprimatur on the corporation. Think Richard Branson or Bill Gates.

    3. What to name the baby? – I devote 3 chapters to this in Red Fire Branding; you need it easy to say, spell, and it must pass trademark and domain hurdles. A name is everything.

    If you need help on naming, holler!

    • Enjoy reading your current story you are working on. Looking forward to more chapters in the coming weeks. What I enjoy about this website and with your story, that you do not get sexual and stay with pure nadseneks. Barelin

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  5. TJ – the best way to test a name is NOT via an on-line survey, but to see if it has “flawless recall.” Just make sure that your 2 names have passed due diligence testing before asking others.

    I’m voting for EAR AWARENESS

  6. We need more inhigsts like this in this thread.

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