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6 Ways To Kill The Sale

We are ALWAYS selling whether it’s to get a job, get ahead, or get the business. But if you’re trying to get close to your prospect, avoid these tactics like the plague!


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  1. Not Opting-In to My Social Media – So, you want my business, but you can’t take the time to read a blog or 2 to truly get a feel of my brand? Or follow me on Twitter? Connect with me on LinkedIn? Inexcusable!
  2. Showing Up with a PowerPoint Presentation – If your “sales presentation” is formal and final, where do I fit in? This thinking demonstrates to me that you were planning the exact same sales path regardless of my needs! Sales should be a conversation where you uncover needs and determine if there’s a fit.
  3. Inability to Carry a Conversation – Selling starts the minute you walk into the room; you need a presence and the ability to chit chat? If you were meeting me today, what would you ask?
  4. Talking After Delivering the Price – Too often we try to fill the silence with rhetoric that “unsells” the deal. Tell me the price and then shut up! Let it marinate in your prospect’s mind.
  5. Not Visiting my Web Site – Really? You just discovered that I wrote or book or offer coaching when it’s on the home page big as life? Do your homework before you connect with me!
  6. Not ASKING for the Biz – Many of my clients forget that you have to pose a question to get an answer. I have them practice a closing question that is comfortable for them. “Are we ready to move forward?” “Can we get a date on the calendar?” What’s your closing question?I look forward to your comments below.
  1. Six ways! Great post, Liz. Simple and powerful tips for the self-involved, which is most of us.

  2. Yes, sometimes all of us, me included are like fish: we don’t see water!

  3. Oh wow, talking after the price!!! I have a habit of doing that, so I literally BITE MY TONGUE to keep my mouth shut during this awkward moment…

  4. I joke that I often have blood in my mouth because I bite my tongue so often.

  5. Liz,
    Great advice! I am guilty of a few of those. Might need to print this and keep it posted in my office!
    I guess I owe you an email….

  6. What do you think of someone who was interviewing me for a consulting gig with his company. He gave me specific places on his website that were relevant to the project we were discussing. I looked them up, plus I researched more on my own. We had a great rapport from our first conversation and he wanted to hire me, but the pay was substandard with a low project fee, plus a percentage of revenue I brought in. He had hired someone the year prior to do the same project, but she moved on to a full time job. I asked to speak to her – a) so I could see how much time was involved, and b) so I could see if she was able to earn any money doing this project. He ignored me. I asked to speak to other contractors. He refused me. I searched LinkedIn and googled and found a couple of people who listed his org as a client, so I called them myself. Only one called me back. Then he told me to stop calling other contractors, as “they are busy, and shouldn’t have to field calls like this.” The irony was that his organization is an association for high level executives, and is designed to help them network and learn from each other. These were definitely red flags, but I’m still mystified that he would so boldly tell me not to contact anyone else he’d worked with, even after I gave him the opportunity to hand pick who I spoke to…

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