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Liz and Carol Louise

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In Loving Memory of My Mom

mom at the racesWith the sudden passing of my mom last week, seizing the day is front and center of my mind. Many of you know that Carol Louise was my super saleswoman at the back of the room. Here was a woman who:

  • Showed me the power of chutzpah by escaping New York with her 3 children (aged 6, 7, and 8) to start a new life
  • Realized that she didn’t know what the future held, but it was better to take a leap of faith forward rather than to keep looking behind
  • Attempted to start an acting career at age 50 because why not?
  • Celebrated the accomplishments of others including her son’s rise at the LAPD, her daughter’s becoming a doctor (really!), and this humble one leaving a steady paycheck at Quaker Oats to take the entrepreneurial dive.
  • Understood the power of friends
  • Believed in the power of doing what you love regardless of the circumstances; my mom didn’t have much money so she volunteered as an usher so that theatre remained integral to her life 
  • Heaped love to her friends at the Temple, the Red Hat Society, Friends of the Pasadena Playhouse, and to her neighbors
  • Volunteered at the library because reading and giving are important

mom and liz in palm springs…and never was like anyone else; she didn’t pass old or frail; she was a force of nature seizing every day. I hope you do too.

I miss you Mom.

I welcome thoughts in the comments below.

  1. Wonderful Tribute, Liz.
    Now we know where you get it !!
    She’ll always be in your heart !

  2. What an awesome tribute to your Mama, Liz…..thinking of you!

  3. Oh, thank you Gail. I still think about her 300 x per day; ready to call or write. My comfort is that she lived a very full life.

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss! I’m so pleased I had the honor of meeting your mom! She was an entrepreneur in her own right. Keep sharing about your mama! Hugs and good thoughts!

  5. That’s beautiful, Liz. Continuing to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. I’m so blessed that she got to meet so many of my wonderful friends and clients.

  7. Hi Liz,

    I only met you briefly at an event you presented at in Orange County. Your mom was there with you too along with other family. I’m sorry to hear of your loss and hope that you always find comfort in your wonderful memories with her. She sounds like she was an amazing mother!

    Peace to you and your family during this time.

    Best wishes,

  8. Dear Dear Liz,
    A wonderful tribute to your Mom. Big hugs to you, peace and comfort. I can see what a source of inspiration she was and will continue to be for you.

    All the best,
    Bobbin Beam

  9. In love and light for the memories of your mom that she left to all of us who met her. She truly was an inspiration of a wonderful and supporting mother to you. She model you strength and walking the path loving what you do. In prayer for your lost and that the light be with your mom to find the way to the next heaven.

  10. Sorry for you loss Liz. I had the pleasure of meeting your Mom at a GOG meeting a few years back. What a great woman that knew how to really live life. Now an angel watching over you in heaven. Take good care.

  11. Hi Liz,

    I briefly met you and your mom at the score women’s breakfast. The both of you had such radiating personalities ,ones that are contagious. This is one of the most beautiful tributes I have read. I am inspired today to live life to the fullest everyday. Praying for peace and comfort during this time.

    • Hi Liz,
      I didn’t know your mom but I met her briefly when you spoke at the SCORE Women In Business Breakfast in Orange County a few months ago, and noted that the two of you seemed like best friends. I am so sorry to hear of her passing, but glad that you were able to enjoy that friendship and her love for so long, and that you are able to share those joyous memories with us, even in the midst of your sorrow. It is tribute to the fine mothering she provided you and the love of community that she so willingly shared with others. She was a light to the world, and you have taken up that torch so well.

      The world is truly a better place because she was here.

  12. My condolences on the passing of your mother. Loosing a parent is always tough. I’m sure your mother is looking down on you and feeling warm and wonderful about your tribute to her. Thank you for sharing this will all of us.

  13. It’s so rare to see loved ones able to focus on CELEBRATING the life of the one they’ve lost, so soon after the passing. The fact that you’re able to do that speaks volumes about what a positive LIFE FORCE your mom was–there was simply no other way to see her. Allow those wonderful memories to help fill the hole in your heart where she once lived. Extending strength, blessings, and condolences to you, Liz.

  14. I was fortunate to meet your mom and have a picture taken with the two of you. It brought happiness to my mom in her last days. The happiness of the mother daughter bond that is so special helped me appreciate the tremendous gifts and triumphs our mom’s bring in spite of the adversities they experience. Comedic timing was something I learned my mom had as she amused me with her one liners. Liz, may you always have that sense and feel she’s selling in the back of the room for you. As I write this I get goose bumps. Thank you for the pleasure of sharing your mom. She’s so proud of all her children and still wearing her read hat. Love

    • Sorry, I made an interesting spelling error, especially from me. The sentence should of said red hat. 🙂

  15. Liz, My thoughts and prayers go out to you over the loss of your mom. I never met her but I’ve always been amazed at the energy and enthusiasm of her daughter, and now I can see where that came from. She was clearly a wonderful woman and a great role model, and I imagine she was as proud of you as you are of her.

  16. Liz, your beautiful tribute to your mom makes clear that she was a beautiful and powerful force with an enviable and inspiring flame that never wavered and shone bright all her days. I’m sorry for your sudden loss. She lives on in your fire.

  17. Liz: Read your post and want to send you a virtual hug. Really appreciated your tribute to your mom. What an inspiration. Her legacy continues in you and your siblings. Very sorry for your loss and pray for comfort for you.


  18. I love how so many of you met her at my events; thank you for the outpouring of support.

  19. I’m just inspired to be a better person by reading your tribute to your mother.
    What a legacy she has created in you and your siblings.
    Sending you patience for the tough part of the road, and warm wishes.

  20. Carol Lou will be missed every day. She was and continues to be strength in our relationship and a positive force in the way we live our lives. Thank you Liz for being part Carol Lou!
    Love you tons!

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