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Are you killing the sale?

Killing the Sale

6 Instant Deal Killers and How You Can Save the Sale

This past week I recommended 2 trusted resources to a current client; neither one of them got the biz. Why? They committed one of the following deadly sins that killed the deal:

  1. Responded Haphazardly To The Prospect – When prospects are referred to you, they are already pre-sold and often simply need a reassuring conversation before engagement. Lack of urgency on your part leads to the client feeling unimportant. Hot Idea: Create a process to respond to prospect queries ASAP.
  2. Submitted A Late Proposal – If you start a project on the wrong foot, it’s hard to continue in step. It’s analogous to the defendant on the stand who lies about one fact; we conclude that he lied about all the facts! Hot Idea: Submit your proposal earlier than agreed.
  3. Created An Inflexible Contract – I didn’t write “negotiate your prices,” but I am saying that a contract has more elements than price.  Hot Idea: Become flexible about terms, payment schedule, non-disclosure closures, and other options.
  4. Presented a Proposal with Merely the Price – A Proposal is not a job estimate, (like one you would find from a plumber), but an outline of deliverables and value. Hot Idea: Explain to me how you achieve the results and why you are the perfect person for the job. Remember: clients pay for the results, not the process!
  5. Remained Inflexible on the Timing – Sometimes a client needs your service yesterday. Hot Idea: Offer rush charges and other options that still deliver the project according to your client’s deadline, but also offer your appropriate compensation.
  6. Peppered The Proposal With Acronyms – I often read proposals with acronyms and I have no idea what they mean!  Of course, everyone tells me that everyone in the industry understands that jargon, but I disagree.  Hot Idea: Don’t refer to yourself with a series of letters and avoid acronyms like the plague. If in doubt, leave it out!

Please share how you’ve killed or saved a deal in the comments below.


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  1. Liz, you’re killing me! I hate it when I see myself in your posts (at least the ones where I catch myself tripping up). This is definitely going in my Keeper File.
    Keep those Words of Lizdom coming! GREAT stuff!

  2. Great Topic… and no, I don’t do any of those things, and if I were any more flexible, I would be a rubber band!

    Thanks Liz,


  3. I’m delighted that this blog struck a chord!

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