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Are you writing to your target?

Sony Pictures was on target for promotion for its movie Austenland. It’s employing “women only” screenings, tie-ins with Daily Candy, ads on female-skewing networks and high tea at Jane Seymour’s home.As an entrepreneur, do you have a laser-focus on your target? Let me ask you a few questions to decide?

  1. Are you writing to men or women? – Men are very different animals. Weight Watchers, for example, has a separate campaign devoted to men including videos on Funny or Die. Do you have a separate effort for men vs. women?
  2. Is your audience techno-savvy?  – If so, please tweet, pin, and post away. If your reader, however, is tech NO savvy, just an email will do.
  3. Are you tuned in to the geography of your target? – On a recent trip to Idaho, I made sure to eliminate the wine raffle and show the proper respect towards God and the Bible.
  4. Is your target part of the millennial generation?  – If so, please stop talking at them and start a dialogue with them. They want to be included; they want to be heard and they will tell their friends on Facebook.

How do you segment your target?  Let me know in the comments below.


Photo by Giles Keyte – © 2013 - Sony Pictures Classics

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