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Has Co-Branding Gone Too Far?

Raid currently isn’t blended with bleach, but it begs the question if co-branding has gone a little nuts. Of course, co-branding means using another brand to boost the power of yours. Is it working? Does it influence your purchase decision if:

  • Pillsbury Grands are made with Cinnabon cinnamon?
  • Betty Crocker Brownies have real Hershey’s chocolate?
  • Dawn dish detergent is now called Dawn Hand Renewal and blended with Olay Beauty cream?

How to Make it Work for You:

  • If you want to market like a consumer product, you too can harness the co-branding power by:
  • Partnering with a Big Name Speaker – If you are on tour with Ken Blanchard (I just love his message!), tell the world. His reputation will boost your reputation. Count on it!
  • Advertising Your Client List – If you have household name clients, make sure to create a compelling client list. (Of course, attorneys reading this email will advise you to get their approval in advance…)
  • Publicize your Media Appearances – You’ve been on CNN? Wow! On Oprah? Yippee!

Your ideas? I want to hear!
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