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Can I let it marinate?

Can I Let It Marinate?  My 2 Fave Phrases To Keep You Out of Hot Water

Can I let it marinate? I was in a meeting yesterday with a client who asked about the price of a hybrid training/speaking program. I didn’t know how much to charge so I uttered:

“I’m going to let it marinate and get back to you tomorrow.”

My younger self would never have had the chutzpah to respond like that! I thought I needed to know all the answers, all the time.

It’s better to admit that you don’t yet know something than to make up an answer! Click To Tweet

Even worse, if you respond prematurely, you’re committed to that answer. Yikes!

This could be your magic phrase for many times in your life. I’ve even used it in speaking with friends or tough conversations with my hubby. It prevents me from making a judgment on the spot.

My second fave phrase is this: tell me more. Click To Tweet

Tell me more works to let others explain their opinions; it works in understanding the reasoning of clients and colleagues; it even works with your children so you don’t hastily jump to the wrong conclusion.

Next time you’re seated at the conference table and you think the person has the absolute worst idea, simply say: “Really, tell me more.”  You’ll hear more, you’ll listen more, and you just might prevent an awkward confrontation.

What phrases do you use to diffuse a tough situation when things need to marinate? I’m all ears!

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  1. Liz—-love this. I’ll need to remember these so I can stay out of “hot water”. ( which I tend to wade into too many times) 😀

  2. My past self has always responded to invitations with a ready “Yes.” Then more often than I like to admit, I’d get to the date of the event and realize I really didn’t want to go. Now before I commit to anything, I always say, “Let me check my calendar and get back to you.” Or “Let me check with [my hubby].” Both phrases let me take a day to decide if I really want to add the event to my calendar. It’s saved me from jumping straight to regrets.

  3. I do like the “check with my calendar” phrase too; need to put that in my pocket too.

  4. My brilliant friend and speaker Colette Carlson asks this question: How would you like to handle that?

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