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Can I Pick Your Brain?

Many entrepreneurs struggle when they get asked, “Hey, can I pick your brain?”

In a recent TV episode of The Good Wife, here’ s how actress Julianna Margulies handles the situation of free advice: She
provides about 3 minutes of value and then proclaims: “consultation over. Am I hired?”

3 Ways to Deal With “Can I Pick Your Brain?

  1. Create Short, Timed Appointments – If a prospect is thinking about hiring you, it’s perfectly great to have a 15-minute “Brand Better” free session. BUT, after 15 minutes, the time is up: either you’re hired or not.
  2. Develop An Entry-Level Way to Work With You – When I first offered coaching, the first session was $99 – no other commitment. It enabled an easy and affordable trial option.
  3. Offer a Pick Your Brain Fee – Even if you currently don’t offer a consultation session, offer it and sell it! It’s a great way to charge for your expertise and allow you to share your brilliance with needy clients.

Have other ideas? Please share with me in the comments below.


  1. Liz, this is such smart advice. I’m going to pass it to a couple of young friends who I know are having trouble moving past the introduction phase. You are a pro!

  2. Your branding is so consistent that when I saw this last week I immediately thought of you! Wonderful advice!

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