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Check Your Ego at The Door

Check Your Ego at the Door: Be Of  Service to Clients, Customers & Employers Welcome to our world!  (Note that I didn’t say my least fave phrase, “the new normal.”) This is a world of uncertainty, anxiety, and fear. It’s a place where every business owner is […]

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Mask Communication Skills

Mask Communication: 4 Ways to Boost Comprehension While Wearing a Mask Let’s just say that as a speaker and speech coach I never thought I’d be writing this blog! But, as masks become ubiquitous, it’s time to master new communication skills: 1) Speak Louder We easily forget that […]

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Secrets of An Entrepreneur

Secrets of An Entrepreneur: Nine Fail-Safe Strategies to Ensure You Succeed Having been in business for more than 20 years and coaching over 222 entrepreneurs, I know that running your own business is tough work. But, it’s beyond rewarding and I wouldn’t do it any other way. […]

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Lessons Learned Living in The Time of The Corona (Liz on her soapbox)

Lessons Learned Living in The Time of The Corona (Liz on her soapbox) After 7 weeks in captivity (aka quarantine), I haven’t mastered knitting or learned a new language; I didn’t start yoga, but learned that I missed my friends, clients, baseball games, theater, dining out, weightlifting, […]

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