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Are you swimming in your lane: 4 Cool Questions to Ask

Are you swimming in your lane: 4 Cool Questions to Ask Before You Step Outside of Your Core Competency Can you believe I gave a speech on diversity? Why?  because I was greedy, ignorant, and needed the money. If you know me, you know that I speak on […]

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10 Killer-Good Facts to Know About Branding & Marketing

10 Killer-Good Facts to Know About Branding & Marketing Marketing and branding are your secret weapons for sales, loyalty, and new customers. Let’s see how much you know! All answers are over at my blog. 1. What percentage of all email world-wide is counted as spam? a. […]

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Why Acronyms Don’t Work as Brand Names

Continuing my blog series about naming sins, today’s post (er, rant?) is about acronyms. (See my other blogs about naming.) Acronyms are technically letters that are turned into words. The most famous and logical one is MADD: Mothers Against Drunk Driving. 5 Reasons Acronyms Never Work as […]

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