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Why YOU Must Differentiate Branding And Bragging

Why YOU Must Differentiate Branding And Bragging Sometimes the difference between branding and bragging is tough to describe, but you know it when you see it! Yet, it’s critical to differentiate the two in order to cultivate trust, earn respect, convert prospects into clients, or even get […]

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Converting Your Name into a Brand

Converting Your Name into a Brand 5 Fab Ways to Build Flawless Recall I wish my family were brand names. I just think launching a clothing line with the last name of Trump, McCarthy, or Wynn gives you a leg up. Or, how about launching a modeling […]

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How to Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Naming


Ashley Madison, the adulterous hacked website, has finally changed its name. Hoping that a new moniker will make some of its 37 million former members forget that their contact info and unusual predilections were released on the dark web, it announced that its new name is … […]

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8 Great Ways to Name Better…and Avoid Getting Sued!*


Wowza! The media is abuzz with major trademark infringement suits pending over famous brands: Who owns the rights to the word Zero? Is it Coke? Who will prevail over the name Hana? Is it Hana Financial or Hana Bank? And, did Wolfgang Puck steal the trademark of […]

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