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What to Name the Baby?

2015 Baby Name Trends & The Real Reasons Behind those Weird Baby Names So, is Kim Kardashian West really going to name her second child South so that she’s covered the globe? Why would anyone name their child Apple? And is Dweezil Zappa now happy with his […]

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Goof Proof Your Name: Why Getting Your Name Right is the First Step in Earning Flawless Recall


The essential first step in branding is “flawless recall.” People must remember you and your name each time and every time. And, as we all know, if folks aren’t sure about how to pronounce your name, they won’t! Even John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, has […]

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Avoiding Genericide With Your Brand: 5 Worthy Ways to Defend Your Trademark

wine bottle

Have you tried the BBQ friendly wine with no name? Or is it The BBQ Friendly Wine With No Name? See the problem? I don’t know if it’s even a brand name! The wine owners probably thought they were ever so clever, but it’s tough to defend […]

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National Speakers Association Changes Name: 7 Key Steps in a Name Change

Natl Speakers Assoc

As a naming and branding expert, please allow me to not only weigh in on the National Speakers Association (NSA) changing its name to Platform, but also share key insights to help you in the future wrestle with this issue. 7 Key Steps in Changing Your Name […]

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