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National Speakers Association Changes Name: 7 Key Steps in a Name Change

Natl Speakers Assoc

As a naming and branding expert, please allow me to not only weigh in on the National Speakers Association (NSA) changing its name to Platform, but also share key insights to help you in the future wrestle with this issue. 7 Key Steps in Changing Your Name […]

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Names that sizzled/fizzled this year

Whoa! What a great year for new words and new brands; here’s my take on what sizzled and what fizzled: Sizzled Fizzled Selfie – Even Obama joined the craze at Mandela’s funeral Digin – Pronounced “dijen” from The Today Show; not digging this one! Twerking – Thanks […]

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4 Rules to Creating a Great Brand Name

Ooops! Organix and its investment bankers have hit a snag in trying to sell the company. Why? The name Organix is not organic! In California, at least 70% of the ingredients must be organic and this brand’s hair products aren’t. Originally valued at about $1 billion, Organix […]

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4 Rules for Changing Your Name


The last few weeks have brought a spate of celebrity name changes. Here are 4 guidelines to consider as you contemplate a brand new you: Name for Longevity– Don’t change your name on a whim. Your name must work for your entire lifetime. Prince’s constant name changes, […]

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