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How to Tie Your Brand to a Number

The City of La Cañada, California just celebrated its once-in-a-lifetime coincidence of its zip code (91011) matching the calendar date (9/10/11) with one heck of a marketing campaign. This promotion got me thinking about how entrepreneurs can also use numbers to more closely tie together their marketing […]

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Even Osama Bin Laden Thought he had a Branding Problem!

Wow! Osama contemplated changing the name of al-Qua’ida to boost its appeal to potential recruits, according to papers just released by US intelligence agencies. Since rebranding is a huge undertaking, here are a few shortcut ideas written in memory of the late leader:   1. Consider adopting […]

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Changing a Name Doesn't Change Perception

Wheat Thins is Slicing Linguistics Too Thin It’s the time of resolutions and change and what better way to kick off the New Year than the declaration from Nabisco that Wheat Thins are no longer a cracker, but a snack. That’s right, the word “cracker” is now verboten […]

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What’s In A (Nick) Name?

“I drove my Chevrolet to the Levrolet…!” Will lunacy never cease?  General Motors was widely criticized last month for officially declaring that the car, formerly known as a Chevy, will now only be referred to by its given name,  a “Chevrolet.” What all of the pundits have […]

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