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How to Write a Recommendation


Given the dog days of August, I’m re-issuing one of my top read and circulated blogs from 2012.  Trust you enjoy and please feel free to share it too! With the new one-click recommendation recently introduced by LinkedIn (hot link to my LinkedIn profile), I’ve been giving […]

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Why Fish Don’t See Water

words of lizdom

At some point, all of us have to write about ourselves. Ugh! We need a bio, a LinkedIn profile, or a one-sheet. I get it; talking about yourself is hard: you have to walk the fine line between branding and bragging. 3 Reasons Why It’s Hard to […]

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Why You Never Ever Ever Ever Need So Many Adverbs

5 Fab Copywriting Formulas that Boost Sales Ok, I’m really, really, really annoyed at the superfluous use of adverbs both in songs, copywriting, and everyday language. Carly Rae Jepsen: did you really need to use that term 67 times in “I really Like You? Or, Taylor Swift: […]

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The #1 Secret to Writing Better Speaking Descriptions

Speaking titles must get butts in seats. That’s it! Titles must be so alluring and so attractive that readers will pay and pant to go to your amazing event. BUT, virtually all speaking descriptions fall short. Why? They are mere labels or clever titles that don’t tell […]

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