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What are your Words of Lizdom? Why You Must Create Your Own Branded Vocabulary

Words of Lizdom

Competition is everywhere, but here’s a secret weapon for you: epigrams. That’s right – amusing ways to capture your words and messages. These are words and phrases that are proprietary – that belong to your brand only. “Elementary” as Doctor Watson would reply. If, for example, my […]

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How to Convert Your Ho-Hum Copy Into Gung-Ho Copy!

Can I buy a verb?

I’m on a mission to convert ho-hum copy into gung-ho copy. Will you help? It’s impossible to get excited about these missives clogging my email box: (These are the subject lines verbatim – promise!) “Come to Health Care 101 and learn about new changes affecting you.” “Your […]

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5 Lessons to Learn Before You Write Your Book: An Interview With Helen Chang

Helen Chang

A startling 93% of all Americans want to write a book. As a business owner, there is no quicker path to credibility, publicity, new business, and speaking opportunities than penning your voice in your area of expertise. BUT, can you do it? Should you do it? And, […]

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Are you writing to your target?


Sony Pictures was on target for promotion for its movie Austenland. It’s employing “women only” screenings, tie-ins with Daily Candy, ads on female-skewing networks and high tea at Jane Seymour’s home.As an entrepreneur, do you have a laser-focus on your target? Let me ask you a few […]

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