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How to Write a Recommendation

With the new one-click recommendation recently introduced by LinkedIn®, I’ve been giving and getting tons of recommendations – thank you! But, if you need to create one for a colleague or employer, here are 4 keys to keep in mind: Less is More – One fabulous sentence is […]

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Grammar Rules Ain’t Relevant in Copy…

…And 7 Other Rules We Must Ignore To Boost Our Business   Oh, I can hear the fingers typing already from the linguists on my list. BUT, I am here to tell you that when it comes to creating headwhip headlines, gut wrenching copy, and screaming good […]

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Do We Really Need a “Give Poop A Chance” Button?

Eeew! The headline reads “Stock up on Back-to-Stool Supplies.” And, in case that wasn’t disgusting enough, there’s a bright button too. Of course, the product is Pedia-Lax, but somehow, I don’t think this subject is as appealing as they think it is.   What’s the Lesson Here? […]

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Why Southwest’s New Campaign Doesn’t Fly!

As a loyal Southwest Airlines customer, I was stopped in my tracks by this banner ad and layout:   Change Fees Don’t Fly With Us   See the problem? By disconnecting the sentence, you see the final phrase as a warning: “don’t’ fly with us!” Oooops!   […]

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