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Our Brand is Crisis

3 Key Lessons from the Movie Our Brand is Crisis Having just previewed the new movie Our Brand is Crisis, branding remains front and center on my brain (what a surprise!) Branding Lessons from Our Brand is Crisis Create an Ownable Word – Sandra Bullock’s character jumpstarts […]

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Did the Ducks Lose Their Feathers?

oregon logo

Lack of a Visual Brand Destroyed Oregon’s Image! I was soooo excited about last night’s game. Finally, a college championship game filled with hope and excitement. And, then, the Oregon Ducks ran onto the field wearing white. White??? What happened? How can a team known for its […]

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6 Surprising Ways a Red Hot Brand Boosts Your Biz

Do you have a brand?

Who needs a brand? You do! I know, I know: you have a logo, website, and perhaps even a spanking new business card, but there is a huge difference between a name and a brand. Red hot brands bring you closer and quicker to your clients…and sales. […]

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Signs of the Times?

Burrito Loading Zone

How to Make Your Signs Funner and Consistent With Your Brand   Every business has “policies,” procedures, and signs. But, here’s an idea: how ‘bout if you brand your signs so that they’re consistent with your brand image? Chipotle sign doesn’t say 10- minute parking only, it […]

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