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Can you brand with a spoon?

Tutti Frutti Spoons

Make Sure You Are Creating a Brand Experience In today’s sea of similarity, it’s hard to stand out.  But, savvy marketers are focusing on the total experience of the brand. I walked into a Tutti Frutti, for example, and my favorite part of the visit was picking […]

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Why Toyoda became Toyota

toyota logo

Why Altering a Spelling Might Change Your Image! It is with a sad note that we mourn the passing of Eiji Toyoda on Tuesday, a legend in the car business who pioneered a joint venture with GM and introduced the luxury brand Lexus.  But, one of his […]

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Why Nike Found the Perfect Spokesperson in Tiger Woods

nike logo

Congratulations to Nike for finally finding the perfect spokesperson; for discovering the man who embodies the slogan “winning takes care of everything.” Yes, in Tiger Woods, we discovered at the Masters that even though he submitted an incorrect signed score card and later admitted he was wrong (after 4 million television […]

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A brand color strategy? Really?

Branding by Color

Do you have a brand color strategy? I was having a cuppa java in a restaurant last week and noticed that the sugar dispenser had pink, blue, yellow and for the first time ever – green packets! Well, I know that the pink is Sweet N’ Low, […]

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