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Why “Z” is Not Z Best Logo Option

I guess you could call it criminal forcing state senator Judith Zaffirini to change her logo simply because it looks exactly like a drug cartel! That’s right, this Texan’s signature “z” which translates in Spanish to “zeta” looks remarkably similar to that of the deadly gang Zeta […]

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What Can You Learn from 7-Eleven?

Yesterday was yesterday, but what’s  so special about that? Well, it’s super significant if the date is 7/11 and you happen to be 7-Eleven. It offered free 7.11 fluid ounces of Slurpees to all.   Questions: How can you tie your brand into the calendar? What are […]

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Opt For the Real Thing!

  You’ve got to hand it to The United States Postal Service (USPS). It recently issued a stamp featuring the Statue of Liberty – you know, the iconic symbol of freedom anchored in New York Harbor since 1886. However, instead of choosing the original Lady Liberty, they […]

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Why GAP Fell into The Social Media Abyss!

Why GAP Fell into The Social Media Abyss! Was it 6 days that changed the world? No, but it made media history. Gap unveiled its new logo on October 4 only to rescind the decision less than one week later. The logo update, the first in over […]

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