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Drop 2 sizes Overnite? Really?


Can you really lose a dress size overnight? Make a million dollars while you sleep? The Federal Trade Commission just fined the Ab Circle Pro for promising that exercising on its device just 3 minutes per day could make you lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks. So, isn’t it […]

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How to Pick a Coach

How to Pick a Coach

As a TV-watching addict of The Voice, The X-Factor, and American Idol, I am screaming at the screen because whatever these celebrities are doing, it isn’t coaching! Britney Spears uttering “amazing” 20 times per hour isn’t helpful nor is Demi Lovato’s brilliant idea to makeover her protégés […]

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How to Make Your Premiere a Success

While immersed in the US Open over the last week, I watched Vicky Duval, a 16-year old, make her WTA tennis debut at the US Open against 3-time champion Kim Clijsters. Even though both women eventually lost, the debut of the youngster was magnificent! How did she […]

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Should You Fire Your Client?

Is it heresy to think about getting rid of a client? No, it is smart and profitable to walk away from a bad client. Why? 1. It drains your energy 2. The money is never worth the aggravation 3. Stops you from creating raving fans 4. Hard […]

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