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Blameless Apologies Don’t Work

I can’t take it any longer! Companies goof and then don’t step up to the plate and accept responsibility. Instead, they issue backwards, blameless apologies. Besides the Netflix debacle, read this whopper from Best Buy: “Due to overwhelming demand of hot product offerings on during the […]

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Why Blackberry is in a Black Hole…

Where does one begin to talk about  the problems plaguing Blackberry and its parent company Research in Motion? Here’s a quick recap: Power Outage – For 3 days, RIM’s 70 million customers across the globe had no access to their email. Talk about a “black out” for […]

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Netflix is NOT Flexible

It’s hard to imagine where to start when it comes to the missteps of Netflix. First, it raised prices last month so that if you wanted both streaming video and DVDs, your bill shot up almost 60%. BTW, that pricing move alone cost the company 1 million […]

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Taco Bell’s Spicy Response

Taco Bell's Spicy Response

Taco Bell Fights Fire with Fire! Perhaps you were bombarded with the hot news that Taco Bell’s “beef” taco is only 35% beef. The topic and never-ending coverage seemed to be everywhere! (Wasn’t there bigger news going on in Egypt?). Regardless, Taco Bell took to the media […]

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