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Converting Your Name into a Brand

Converting Your Name into a Brand 5 Fab Ways to Build Flawless Recall I wish my family were brand names. I just think launching a clothing line with the last name of Trump, McCarthy, or Wynn gives you a leg up. Or, how about launching a modeling […]

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Why Bartering Doesn’t Work! 6 Reasons To Avoid Bartering Like The Plague


Oh, I know, I know: money is tight and if you swap services, you’ll avoid costly fees and get what you need anyway, right? Wrong! As a business coach, I often hear dark tales of bartering gone wrong. In fact, it’s become part of my 7 Deadly […]

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7 Deadly Sins of Entrepreneurship

99 Indispensable Lessons

The 7 Monstrous Missteps to Avoid in Starting Your Business As I proudly celebrate 17 years of entrepreneurship, I recognize all of the many mistakes I’ve made. Yikes! I’ve even put together an entire booklet entitled Confessions of an Entrepreneur: 99 Indispensable Lessons to Build Your Brand […]

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