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What did you misremember? It’s Time to Stop “Misremembering” and Start Telling the Truth

Brian Williams

Oy vey! Brian Williams admits to “misremembering” an incident almost 10 years ago about being hit by enemy fire. Couple that event with conflicting reports about the safety of the reporter during Hurricane Katrina and we now have a huge cauldron of lies. Here’s the question: can […]

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New Year, New Biz Card: 4 Reasons to Update Your Card AND 10 Fab Biz Card Designs!

liz biz card

As you work your way through your New Year’s resolutions, here’s a quick question: when was the last time you updated your business card? If it’s been 3 or more years, put this item on your “to do” list now! Why? You Are Constantly Evolving – As […]

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Bill Cosby’s Brand Is No Laughing Matter

Bill Cosby

With 16 women now accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault, the comedian’s brand is in dangerous peril. And, Netflix and NBC abruptly cancelled pending projects. 4 Reasons Why This Story Is Gaining Traction – Fast! It’s another Brand Implosion – When behavior of a celebrity brand are […]

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5 Ways to Keep Your Clients Happy

Liz and Piglet

It’s been 17 years since I was last at Disney World and wowza! This place has changed…and not for the better. It’s not that any one thing was an egregious error; it’s simply that the total experience was less than magical. My son and I had packed […]

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