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Will.I.Am Admits Copyright Infringement, But Don’t Stop Sharing Your Ideas

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Lead singer for the Black Eyed Peas, admits that he inadvertently stole a competitor’s track entitled Rebound for his song “Let’s Go” with Chris Brown. So often in my work with entrepreneurs, I hear a fear of putting out their material for exactly this reason: a […]

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4 Great Ways for Dealing with Your Goof


Target calls a plus-sized dress in the color “manatee gray” while the smaller- sized replica is beautifully named “dark heather gray.” Ooops! Turn Style Consignment Stores announced its grand opening urging you to get there early. But, ooops, no address was provided. Let’s face it, we all […]

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Top 10 Biz Lessons

Top 10 Biz Lessons

  Whew! With the year coming to a close, I reviewed with all of my coaching clients their best business lessons learned this year. I’m sharing them with you here. Feel free to share on Facebook or share on Twitter.   Top 10 Business Lessons Learned This […]

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Can I Pick Your Brain?

Many entrepreneurs struggle when they get asked, “Hey, can I pick your brain?” In a recent TV episode of The Good Wife, here’ s how actress Julianna Margulies handles the situation of free advice: She provides about 3 minutes of value and then proclaims: “consultation over. Am […]

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