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Does Controversy Sell? You Betcha!

Whether you were ready to thank or spank the California Milk Processing Board over its latest ad implying that milk helps with PMS symptoms, it certainly earned them lots of buzz.   From CNN to Adweek to The New York Times, there was a ton of chatter. […]

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What Can You Learn from A PayDay Ad?

I was watching my fave TV show “The Closer” when a screen shot appeared of a desk and notepad with this question: “Need energy to grind out just one more confession?” Try PayDay! It wasn’t even 15 seconds, but was impactful and then was followed by the […]

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Why Trademarking Osama’s Demise Wasn’t the Happiest Place on Earth

disney   Within 24 hours of our Navy Seals assassinating Osama bin Laden, Disney Enterprises filed a trademark application to use “SEAL Team 6” for toys, games, TV shows and even snow globes. Whoa! Can we spell firestorm? After a nightmare of a public relations snafu, Disney […]

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How Allstate Created a PR Ooops!

A full moon must have invaded the brains of the public relations team at Allstate Corporation causing them to issue a release correlating accident rates by zodiac signs on February 15. Within a few days, it had retracted its conclusions stating that it was simply a joke. […]

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