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Use it or Lose it!

  April 2011   Bumble Bee wants you to “Bee Delicious.” Chase Bank wants you to “Chase What Matters.”DirecTV commands “don’t just watch TV, direct TV.” And, let me tell you that your intellectual property lawyer wants you to stop turning your brand name into a verb! […]

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Making Sense of Scents

This Promotion Smells a Little Funny Candidate Carl Paladino has given new meaning to the phrase “trash talking” when it comes to politics. Running for Governor of New York, this Tea Party candidate sent out a direct mailer screaming “Something Stinks in Albany.” Oh, and the offensive postcard smelled […]

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Practice What You Teach

Practice What You Teach Here’s an example of personalization gone wild: An e-mail from Rapleaf  to Casey Cochran of Murad was loaded with personalization concerning her attendance at an upcoming marketing conference. Included was a special reminder about a session on e-mail marketing to be presented by […]

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