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10 Killer-Good Facts to Know About Branding & Marketing

10 Killer-Good Facts to Know About Branding & Marketing Marketing and branding are your secret weapons for sales, loyalty, and new customers. Let’s see how much you know! All answers are over at my blog. 1. What percentage of all email world-wide is counted as spam? a. […]

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Enough with the F/U! (Follow Up)

follow up

Stop “Just Following up” and Add Value! In case you missed it, I’m moving up to Orange County, California. As I check into new groups, offices, and work spaces, I get a ton of return phone calls and emails with this message: “following up”. UGH! Please make […]

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Movin’ on up to Orange County!

Orange County

Can You help me find new connections in Orange County? After 18 years in San Diego, it’s time to say adios. My business has steadily been moving north – up to bigger companies, clients, trainings, and speeches. And, with my “little one” heading off to Northeastern U […]

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Why You Need a “Mom Reviewer

Liz and Carol Louise

How to Create Reality Tests in Your Marketing It’s a little frightening to talk about my mom so soon after her passing, but I’m sharing this blog with you because she played such a pivotal role: My “Mom Reviewer.” This is a term I created for having […]

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