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Best Ads of the Year

Amazon mini horse

Branding Lessons from the Best Ads of 2015 As 2015 comes to a close, it’s time to review the best ads of the year. The criteria? I loved them AND remembered the brand name. Read and watch below to get my color commentary as to why these […]

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My Top 10 Tweets of the Year on Marketing & Branding

redhead roasters

My Twitter feed spouts #marketing and #branding observations. And, even if you’re not one of the 35 million active users, I trust you’ll enjoy these juicy tidbits. And if you’re not following me, head on over here to join the fun! Fab subject line @Target #emailmarketing: Yule […]

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2014: The Year in Review in Branding – Top 13 Branding Moments of the Year


2014 was a landmark year in terms of social media propelling stories to the forefront. Some brands sizzled and some brands fizzled. Here’s how they stack up. Top 8 Brands that Fizzled: Uber – Uber earns the distinction of being both a brilliant brander and a flamed […]

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7 Egregious Errors Most Entrepreneurs Make When it Comes to Advertising

Marketing Definition

I was just settling down with my neighborhood “rag” magazine and couldn’t even get past page 2 without startling marketing missteps slapping me in the face! Here are the most egregious errors and the easy way to fix them. Feel free share your pet peeves in the […]

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