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You are fab! And Better Than You Think You Are!

You are fab! And Better Than You Think You Are!  I’ve been writing a ton of bios lately and have been met with startling responses: “I sound too good!” or “You can’t write that!” or “that’s not really me.” When I question whether I’ve written anything inaccurate, the […]

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Stop Wishing And Start Doing!

Stop Wishing And Start Doing! The Power of Baby Steps to Reach Your Goal I’m tired of excuses; please don’t tell me that I don’t understand – I do! Don’t tell me that I don’t know what it’s like to be working on fumes for dollars – […]

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Can you win a grand slam?

Tennis Raquet

Believing Is The First Step In Winning Whether you play the game of tennis or not, you should waltz onto a court or boardroom, believing you can win! If you’ve been watching the Australian Open, then you know that there have been many upsets, but there’s also […]

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