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4 Reasons Why Forgiving and Forgetting is Sometimes the Right Move


Princess Elsa has struck a resonant chord with the hit song “Let It Go” in Disney’s Frozen. Lately, I’ve heard myself echoing that phrase with both clients and family. Why? Because sometimes it’s better to move on than to hold on to anger, fear, or regret. 4 […]

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An Open Letter to Jeff Bezos – My 5 Wishes for Amazon and my Kindle Fire

I am a book lover; I adore intriguing mysteries, juicy chick lit, fab fiction, and even biz boosting books.  When I was gifted with a Kindle Fire (Coincidence on the name? I think not!), I reached new heights of joy: endless books to discover, a never-ending stream […]

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Who Nabbed The Gold, Bronze Or Silver In Personal Branding From The Olympics?

Olympic Rings

4 Key Lessons Whew! After 17 days of the Olympics, it’s finally over and we can reflect on who medaled in branding and the key lessons we can learn. Answer the Question Everyone is Asking  – Bob Costas took the right approach by veering from his script […]

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Make Your Resolutions Stick!

Rhana Pytell

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions: An Interview With Rhana Pytell With the new year come expectations and hopes, but how do you turn your resolution into a reality? I interviewed Brighter Step founder Rhana Pytell who has created an app that turns your positive thoughts into […]

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