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Me and My Monkey Mind…

Monkey Mind

My Monkey Mind…. Do you sometimes feel as if your brain hurts? Do you toss and turn trying to get to sleep, but you can’t turn off your mind? Do you find yourself writing a ‘to do” list when you should be focusing on the task at […]

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The Power of Focus

Power of Focus

Last week I was talking to my hubby and not watching where I was walking. Boom! I walked right into my bright orange sales box and promptly went down howling in pain. After one week, my toe remains broken, my foot is black and blue (a little […]

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Zac Turns an Ooops Moment into a Teaching Opportunity

Aaaah, how do I love Zac Efron? Let me count the ways: those dreamy, blue eyes, those killer abs, the way he drops a condom on the red carpet? Yes! You read that right. Every teenager’s heartthrob had an OMG moment at the premiere of his new […]

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