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Branding Lessons from the Democratic Debates

BRANDING LESSONS FROM THE DEMOCRATIC DEBATES THE VALUE OF QUOTABLE QUOTES AND SEXY SOUNDBITES After 2 days of heated Democratic debates, a few presidential stars have emerged. Senator Kamala Harris has sprinted up 6 points in the polls now ranking third behind Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and […]

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4 Perfect Pricing Rules for Entrepreneurs

4 Perfect Pricing Rules for Entrepreneurs After recently watching utterly worthless videos, let me dish the dirt on correct pricing strategies: Price Easily – Apple had it correct when it first launched iTunes with a price of $.99 for all songs; it didn’t matter if “Stairway from […]

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Do birthday promotions work?

3 Reasons Why Sending Birthday Wishes is a Win/Win I’ve been gifted! With an upcoming birthday, I’ve been feeling the love from DSW, Chico’s, Sephora, Total Wine, Squeeze In (do you understand my life yet?), but here’s the question: do birthday promotions work? The Stats Say Yes! Promotions Drive Traffic – They do if […]

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An Homage to Peggy Lipton

Peggy Lipton just passed away at the age of 72, but she’ll always represent a pivotal person in my life. Why? Because I wanted to be her; I wanted stick-straight blonde hair, cool clothes, radiant skin, and an undercover job as Julie Barnes on The Mod Squad. […]

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