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Long Term Business Success: The Marathon Entrepreneur

The Marathon Entrepreneur: How to Build Long Term Business Success As a business owner, you’re probably aware that you don’t instantly start making money (darn!) Building a sustainable business model takes time and planning. Here are 6 strategies to create long term business success:  1. Prioritize Organization […]

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How to Distinguish Between a Pivot and a Career Shift

How to Distinguish Between a Pivot and a Career Shift With our world turned upside down, many entrepreneurs are scrambling to find work that is in tune with today’s economy – social distancing, lack of gatherings, and a wait and see attitude. As a result, these business […]

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Stop the acronym heaven!

Stop the acronym heaven! I recently stumbled across this ad. I’m stuck. What are they selling? Why? What does SOBEWFF stand for? What’s the benefit? How much is it? Who sponsors it? Help! In other words, this ad is a waste of dollars. The developers forgot the […]

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5 Ways to Communicate Brand Value in 2021

5 Ways to Communicate Brand Value in 2021 In this fierce economy, your brand must work hard to communicate value or else it fades into a sea of similarity. Here are 4 suggestions:  1. Demonstrate Thought Leadership Whether it’s Instagram or LinkedIn, remember to show and share […]

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