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Are you quotable? 6 Super Secrets to Sexy Soundbites

Liz Goodgold

Many of you are brilliant experts who should be giving expert analysis, insight, and commentary on the news. Having just finished taping a new TV series, let me share a few insider secrets on creating soundbites that you get quoted and booked in the right media channels. […]

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Why You Never Ever Ever Ever Need So Many Adverbs

5 Fab Copywriting Formulas that Boost Sales Ok, I’m really, really, really annoyed at the superfluous use of adverbs both in songs, copywriting, and everyday language. Carly Rae Jepsen: did you really need to use that term 67 times in “I really Like You? Or, Taylor Swift: […]

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What No One Ever Tells You About Writing A Book: 4 Eye-Opening Insights From a Seasoned Author

how to speak gooder

A startling 93% of all Americans want to write a book. As a business owner, there is no quicker path to credibility, publicity, new business, and speaking opportunities than penning your voice in your area of expertise. Even though my third book How to Speak Gooder: Brand-New Rules […]

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Goof Proof Your Name: Why Getting Your Name Right is the First Step in Earning Flawless Recall


The essential first step in branding is “flawless recall.” People must remember you and your name each time and every time. And, as we all know, if folks aren’t sure about how to pronounce your name, they won’t! Even John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, has […]

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