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Liz On Her Soapbox: Get Out Of Jail, Put Down Your “Cell” Phone & Focus on the Present

It’s time to put down your phone and focus on the world around you. Are you on board?

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Book Review: Lucky Me and You to Find this Book

Book Review: Lucky Me and You to Find this Book This blog is an update to my previous blog that urged you to stop credit being lucky for your success. This book too echoes the sentiment, but investigates the science of how you can make yourself luckier […]

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Can I let it marinate?

Liz Goodgold gives a couple of brilliant tips on how to buy yourself a little time in a tough situation.

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The Etiquette of Referrals: 6 Tips to Make it Work for You!

Liz Goodgold of Redfire Branding schools you on The Etiquette of Referrals.

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