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How to Save Your Personal Brand when The Corporate Brand Stumbles

5 Strategies for Recovering Your Reputation from the Wells Fargo Fiasco December 28 ushered in what many trust is the last fine levied against Wells Fargo & Co: $575 million to every state in the union including Washington, DC. In sum, this payment brings the total fines […]

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8 Lessons You Can Learn from a New Brand Launch

8 Lessons You Can Learn from a New Brand Launch As I revisited my business in early January, I discovered that I was generating more income from speaking inside of companies than speaking outside at conferences and associations. So, I decided to tweak my website to speak […]

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Wanna Change Your Name?

Would You Change Your Name Like Stan Lee or R? The legendary creator of Spider-Man, Black Panther, and the X-Men has died after revolutionizing the comic book and super hero genre. But, when he started as Stanley Martin Lieber, he used a pen name because “I felt […]

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Communication is a Many-Splendored Thing. How to Stop Getting Ghosted!

When was the last time you were ghosted in business? Last week? Me too! It goes something like this: you are hot and heavy into an e-mail exchange and then nothing, nada! You get frustrated so you email again, you add exclamation points, you reference your last […]

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