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Crush Your Credentials

Crush Your Credentials!  Top 10 Ways to Position Yourself as an Expert When you’re just starting out, how do you prove you’ve got the chops to do the job? Of course, you can recite your resume or more relevantly, list the items to boost your credibility. Here’s […]

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Unmasking the Truth: 7 Website Warning Signs 

Unmasking the Truth: 7 Signs of a Fly-By-Night Company I was recently looking at a website and recognized that it reeked of hyperbole. There was no credibility; it was just a bunch of highfalutin words, as if they’d just used a template. It was full of warning […]

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Small Business Owner Confessions

Confessions of a Small Business Owner All small business owners juggle getting customers, keeping customers, and remaining profitable. I recently sat down over Zoom with small business owner Denise Barcomb, owner and founder of The Urban Market in Reno to talk about her take on entrepreneurship. Watch […]

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The Gift of Listening During this Pandemic

The Gift of Listening During this Pandemic Many brands are falling and failing during this epidemic. From airlines to retailers to cruise lines, customers are frustrated with the lack of customer service. Even Amazon, which used to have a stellar reputation, is bruised by its shipping response to […]

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