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Upcoming Speaking Events for May

I have a host of speaking events in Reno; will I see you there? (I do speak on other days, but apparently Wednesdays are my lucky day!) Upcoming Speaking Events…

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How to Create a Better Branded Experience with Doctors, Dentists, & Service Providers

As I settle in to my new city of Reno, I’m frustrated with the cold, sterile approach I get walking in to my new service providers offices. Make me Feel Welcome, Not Interrogated! Can we improve our branded experiences with Doctors, Dentists and other service providers?

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7 Branding Lessons from the reboot of American Idol

American Idol still is hitting the high notes. Now, as the shows settles into its rhythm, there are a few personal branding gems hidden within the reality competition. These lessons also work for you as an entrepreneur, employee, or executive.

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