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Why Drake University is Getting A Failing Grade

College Graduate With all of the gusto put behind back-to-school promotions, I’m still scratching my head over Drake University’s new campaign featuring a huge letter D+. Yep, Drake University is running a new marketing campaign effectively touting its subpar performance: “Drake University – D+ The Drake Advantage.” […]

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What’s In A (Nick) Name?

“I drove my Chevrolet to the Levrolet…!” Will lunacy never cease?  General Motors was widely criticized last month for officially declaring that the car, formerly known as a Chevy, will now only be referred to by its given name,  a “Chevrolet.” What all of the pundits have […]

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Computer Associates Learns CA is a State!

Acronyms Don’t Work – Computer Associates Learns the Hard Way! Five years ago, Computer Associates got tainted by a big accounting scandal and decided to vary its name to CA. Ooops! Try Googling CA and guess what you get? How about the State of California? Cocaine Anonymous? […]

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Practice What You Teach

Practice What You Teach Here’s an example of personalization gone wild: An e-mail from Rapleaf  to Casey Cochran of Murad was loaded with personalization concerning her attendance at an upcoming marketing conference. Included was a special reminder about a session on e-mail marketing to be presented by […]

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