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Are We Blaming the Victim?

Last week, celebrity chef Paula Deen, cooked up a firestorm by almost simultaneously announcing she has type 2 diabetes and that she will be endorsing the pharmaceutical drug Victoza. To loyal viewers of the Southern cook who believes “butter is betta,” it didn’t come as a big […]

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Has Co-Branding Gone Too Far?

Raid currently isn’t blended with bleach, but it begs the question if co-branding has gone a little nuts. Of course, co-branding means using another brand to boost the power of yours. Is it working? Does it influence your purchase decision if: Pillsbury Grands are made with Cinnabon […]

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Blameless Apologies Don’t Work

I can’t take it any longer! Companies goof and then don’t step up to the plate and accept responsibility. Instead, they issue backwards, blameless apologies. Besides the Netflix debacle, read this whopper from Best Buy: “Due to overwhelming demand of hot product offerings on during the […]

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Why a Guarantee Boosts Loyalty and Sales

The news about the potential for GM’s new electric car, Volt, to catch on fire has been everywhere, but one key lesson is being overlooked: the car company is offering to buy back the car from any dissatisfied customer. Wow! This is an extraordinary step for customer […]

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