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Why Blackberry is in a Black Hole…

Where does one begin to talk about  the problems plaguing Blackberry and its parent company Research in Motion? Here’s a quick recap: Power Outage – For 3 days, RIM’s 70 million customers across the globe had no access to their email. Talk about a “black out” for […]

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Grammar Rules Ain’t Relevant in Copy…

…And 7 Other Rules We Must Ignore To Boost Our Business   Oh, I can hear the fingers typing already from the linguists on my list. BUT, I am here to tell you that when it comes to creating headwhip headlines, gut wrenching copy, and screaming good […]

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What Can We Learn From This Visionary? As the world mourns the co-founder of Apple, let’s remember that he morphed from being an entrepreneur into a strong brand. Why? He had original, breakthrough thinking  that turned entire industries on their head. As an example, iTunes is now […]

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Netflix is NOT Flexible

It’s hard to imagine where to start when it comes to the missteps of Netflix. First, it raised prices last month so that if you wanted both streaming video and DVDs, your bill shot up almost 60%. BTW, that pricing move alone cost the company 1 million […]

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