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What Can We Learn From This Visionary? As the world mourns the co-founder of Apple, let’s remember that he morphed from being an entrepreneur into a strong brand. Why? He had original, breakthrough thinking  that turned entire industries on their head. As an example, iTunes is now […]

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Netflix is NOT Flexible

It’s hard to imagine where to start when it comes to the missteps of Netflix. First, it raised prices last month so that if you wanted both streaming video and DVDs, your bill shot up almost 60%. BTW, that pricing move alone cost the company 1 million […]

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How to Tie Your Brand to a Number

The City of La Cañada, California just celebrated its once-in-a-lifetime coincidence of its zip code (91011) matching the calendar date (9/10/11) with one heck of a marketing campaign. This promotion got me thinking about how entrepreneurs can also use numbers to more closely tie together their marketing […]

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Do We Really Need a “Give Poop A Chance” Button?

Eeew! The headline reads “Stock up on Back-to-Stool Supplies.” And, in case that wasn’t disgusting enough, there’s a bright button too. Of course, the product is Pedia-Lax, but somehow, I don’t think this subject is as appealing as they think it is.   What’s the Lesson Here? […]

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