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Do We Really Need a “Give Poop A Chance” Button?

Eeew! The headline reads “Stock up on Back-to-Stool Supplies.” And, in case that wasn’t disgusting enough, there’s a bright button too. Of course, the product is Pedia-Lax, but somehow, I don’t think this subject is as appealing as they think it is.   What’s the Lesson Here? […]

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Does Controversy Sell? You Betcha!

Whether you were ready to thank or spank the California Milk Processing Board over its latest ad implying that milk helps with PMS symptoms, it certainly earned them lots of buzz.   From CNN to Adweek to The New York Times, there was a ton of chatter. […]

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What Can You Learn from A PayDay Ad?

I was watching my fave TV show “The Closer” when a screen shot appeared of a desk and notepad with this question: “Need energy to grind out just one more confession?” Try PayDay! It wasn’t even 15 seconds, but was impactful and then was followed by the […]

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Why Southwest’s New Campaign Doesn’t Fly!

As a loyal Southwest Airlines customer, I was stopped in my tracks by this banner ad and layout:   Change Fees Don’t Fly With Us   See the problem? By disconnecting the sentence, you see the final phrase as a warning: “don’t’ fly with us!” Oooops!   […]

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