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Why Trademarking Osama’s Demise Wasn’t the Happiest Place on Earth

disney   Within 24 hours of our Navy Seals assassinating Osama bin Laden, Disney Enterprises filed a trademark application to use “SEAL Team 6” for toys, games, TV shows and even snow globes. Whoa! Can we spell firestorm? After a nightmare of a public relations snafu, Disney […]

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How Allstate Created a PR Ooops!

A full moon must have invaded the brains of the public relations team at Allstate Corporation causing them to issue a release correlating accident rates by zodiac signs on February 15. Within a few days, it had retracted its conclusions stating that it was simply a joke. […]

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Opt For the Real Thing!

  You’ve got to hand it to The United States Postal Service (USPS). It recently issued a stamp featuring the Statue of Liberty – you know, the iconic symbol of freedom anchored in New York Harbor since 1886. However, instead of choosing the original Lady Liberty, they […]

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Branding Secrets You can Learn from American Idol

  As American Idol continues to fascinate the American public with over 72 million votes cast last week, now is a great time to think about this TV show not as a singing competition, but as a branding competition – really! Just as in business, the goal […]

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