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Changing a Name Doesn't Change Perception

Wheat Thins is Slicing Linguistics Too Thin It’s the time of resolutions and change and what better way to kick off the New Year than the declaration from Nabisco that Wheat Thins are no longer a cracker, but a snack. That’s right, the word “cracker” is now verboten […]

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How to Help Not Hype Your Gifts to Charity

Helping the Hungry or Helping Themselves? As a frequent shopper at Von’s, I recently noticed a dedicated table set up with grocery bags under a banner proclaiming “Help Us End Hunger.” The idea is that I should purchase a bag of groceries and it will be delivered to […]

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Why GAP Fell into The Social Media Abyss!

Why GAP Fell into The Social Media Abyss! Was it 6 days that changed the world? No, but it made media history. Gap unveiled its new logo on October 4 only to rescind the decision less than one week later. The logo update, the first in over […]

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Making Sense of Scents

This Promotion Smells a Little Funny Candidate Carl Paladino has given new meaning to the phrase “trash talking” when it comes to politics. Running for Governor of New York, this Tea Party candidate sent out a direct mailer screaming “Something Stinks in Albany.” Oh, and the offensive postcard smelled […]

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