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5 Quick Questions to Determine If You Are a Brand

With the plethora of reality TV shows, singing and dancing competitions, and celebrity chefs cooking up a storm, it’s time to ask yourself: Can you morph into a brand? Can you take your expertise and become a star in your field? You can if you have:   […]

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What Can We Learn From This Visionary? As the world mourns the co-founder of Apple, let’s remember that he morphed from being an entrepreneur into a strong brand. Why? He had original, breakthrough thinking  that turned entire industries on their head. As an example, iTunes is now […]

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Branding Secrets You can Learn from American Idol

  As American Idol continues to fascinate the American public with over 72 million votes cast last week, now is a great time to think about this TV show not as a singing competition, but as a branding competition – really! Just as in business, the goal […]

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