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Are you flirting with your prospects?

Flirting with your prospects?

5 Questions To Determine If You’re Flirting Or Stalking I remember working with a realtor at one of my networking talks and he told me that his fave opening line was: “Hi! I’m Dan; wanna buy a house?” It struck me as outrageous – too fast and […]

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6 Ways To Kill The Sale

We are ALWAYS selling whether it’s to get a job, get ahead, or get the business. But if you’re trying to get close to your prospect, avoid these tactics like the plague!     Not Opting-In to My Social Media – So, you want my business, but […]

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Do you have Phone-O-Phobia?


4 Times in the Sales Process When You Should Dial for Dollars It seems as if it is all e-mail – all the time. BUT, as much as I love my auto responders (thanks Infusionsoft), sometimes to close the sale, you’ve got to pick up the phone! […]

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Is That A Proposal Or An Estimate? 6 Essentials for Every Proposal


Having been on both sides of the desk when it comes to writing and reviewing proposals, I’m frustrated when I receive estimates that are parading around as proposals; there is a HUGE difference between the two. And, the quicker you master these differences, the quicker you close […]

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