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5 Jolly Ways To Grow Your Biz Over the Holidays

Holiday Networking

Here’s my big secret: Let everyone else believe that no business gets conducted over the holidays Let my competitors take a vacation Let other folks give up on working for the 6 weeks during Thanksgiving and Christmas ….because I’m networking my way to new biz over the […]

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Can you write a proposal?

Liz Goodgold

Proposals should win you the biz 80% of the time. If you’re not achieving this rate, spend less than 4 minutes learning the secrets that work for me and my clients.

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Sell is NOT a Dirty 4-letter Word!


4 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Must Never Stop Selling My fave four letter words are “free,” “sale” and “wine,” but I’m ready to add another one: “sell.”  Why? Because if entrepreneurs stop selling, they revert to being employees! To paraphrase Oprah, these are 4 things I know for […]

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Are you killing the sale?

Killing the Sale

6 Instant Deal Killers and How You Can Save the Sale This past week I recommended 2 trusted resources to a current client; neither one of them got the biz. Why? They committed one of the following deadly sins that killed the deal: Responded Haphazardly To The […]

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