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Sales Lesson From a Carny

Larry Miller | Chimneys R Us

With summer fair season in full swing, here’s an opportunity to not only see the lamb shearing contest, ride a scary roller coaster, or eat fried Kool-Aid (really!), but to learn from the salesmen, hucksters, and carnival workers (carnies) who get you to part with your dollars. […]

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5 Fast Steps to Responding to an RFP: Request for Proposal

RFPs | Request for Proposals

Many entrepreneurs quickly switch from excitement to dread when they finally get the call to do an RFP: Request for Proposal. The call for a proposal usually means big dollars and a big deal. Of course, it also means Rattled, Frenzied, and Panicked once the initial elation […]

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How to Price Your Services Like Fine Wine

Pricing like Wine | Liz Goodgold

I am a huge wineaux – loving the bouquet, bottling, terroir, and taste of fine wine. BUT, what I really love is the marketing! Why is Screaming Eagle $1500 per bottle? Why is Sea Smoke on allocation? And, how can you price your services just like a […]

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Can You Sell Like a Sell-Ebrity?

Apple's iPhone4s

Have you seen the Martin Scorsese iPhone ads? Or those with Zooey Deschanel or even Ellen DeGeneres? They are all enjoyable and even entertaining. How can that be? They are true to their DNA – Marty is like a nebbish in the backseat; he is trying so […]

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